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I'm Steenah Brennan also known as Steenah J, and I am the CEO and creator of the parent company

E y e B e h o l d B e a u t y

EBB started out as just a makeup artistry company but over the last decade it has expanded exponentially. I have grown in expanding my artistry and knowledge, having many failures before reaching success. Since 2008 I have made EEB a brand that now services not only makeup artistry but also; photography, face & body painting, graphic design, and now custom apparel, handmade jewelry & decals!

SB by Steenah Brennan came about from just a small idea that constantly plagued me when I would go shopping online and in retail stores... "I wish they had more variety for people of color that included our culture and the things we care about". It made me sad that of the hundreds of graphic tees, I only had one, possibly two designs to choose from that represented me. Let's be honest, the few designs made for POC often lack in looks as well as thought and effort put into the tees unlike the hundreds of other shirts. Thats when I decided to use my creativity, resources, and tools to make my own designs I would be proud to wear.


I never imagined that people would like or even want to wear my creations. Not knowing there were so many others out there that felt the same as me, it pushed my passion beyond the limits I set for myself. 10% of every sale goes towards creating opportunities in wellness for black women and woc through a joint scholarship fund by Vibing on the Mat (@vibingonthemat)  and Ase Mune Yoga (@asemuneyoga). Together we are helping to send more black women and girls of modest means to Yoga Teacher Training in an effort to combat the lack of resources in wellness to underserved, and often forgotten communities of color. I  am just a humble creator that wants to share a piece of my creativity with the world, and change how people feel about themselves through my artistry.

Steenah Brennan

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